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Outbound Dialer Maximizes Time and Profit in the Contact Center

February 05, 2013

Staffing the contact center has never been an easy task, especially when the environment is a blended one. If agents are only trained to handle inbound or outbound calls and not both, staffing is even more of a challenge. When inbound call volumes increase and staffing remains the same, hold times rise, customer frustration intensifies and performance tanks.

So, could the outcome change if agents were able to handle both kinds of calls and the outbound dialer automated the shift when necessary?

This is the premise behind inContact’s outbound dialer. While it can’t ensure agents are trained to handle both inbound and outbound interactions, it will allow for the automatic shift when call volumes demand it. Outbound agents are automatically moved to inbound queues when call volumes increase and back to outbound when the service level for inbound calls is met. It keeps all traffic moving at a steady pace and ensures all agents are working on the most profitable activities.

inContact’s outbound dialer offers all of the features of the company’s predictive dialer, while also including intelligence to the extent that it can dynamically address changes in call volumes. Supervisors no longer need to micromanage or try to manipulate a campaign when inbound calls outpace forecasted volumes.

An instant shift in volume in the contact center can lead to a lot of scrambling to ensure the center not only meets with customer expectations, but also compliance in terms of response time. Supervisors can make an attempt to call in more agents to try and handle the influx, but too much time is wasted in the process. When able agents are already on the floor, pausing the outbound campaign to tend to current customers is critical. Not only does such an environment need inContact’s outbound dialer, it also needs to ensure its outbound agents are as fluent in assisting inbound calls as the inbound agent base.

It’s also important to full listen to a customer when on the phone. If agents are cramped for time, trying to get to more calls waiting in the queue, they may fail to provide the customer their undivided attention, missing important queues and allowing impatience to dominate the pace of the call. Instead, agents need to focus 100 percent on each call, delivering the best possible experience for the customer. Agents don’t have to worry about connecting the call, so they have more time to spend on the call, increasing the effectiveness of the contact and the number of conversions.

When inbound call volume exceeds the number of scheduled inbound agents, there is an opportunity to use the capabilities of the outbound dialer to the fullest, and turn more of those inbound calls into sales. The customer calling with a compliant is more willing to buy if the complaint is met with no waiting and immediate satisfaction. Offering an additional product or service is a logical next step - one that can only be made when satisfaction occurs.

The contact center hoping to keep its agents working on the most profitable of activities may want to take a closer look at inContact’s outbound dialer and the benefits it brings to the environment that go beyond simply making the right call at the right time. After all, the contact center is a dynamic environment – the dialer technology must be able to keep pace.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli