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TOA Technologies Finds Its Latin American Revenues Climbing

October 24, 2013

Keeping track of their “into the field” staff often becomes challenging for companies with a large to very large mobile workforce, which ultimately hampers customer service. Field service management solutions are aimed at helping companies optimize their mobile workforce, which in turn ensures flawless customer service and reduced costs. TOA Technologies (News - Alert) is one key vendor that figures prominently in the global field management service map.  As recent research reports indicate, the company has maintained a steady growth curve over the recent years, especially in the U.S. and in the EMEA markets. In a recent media release, the company spoke about its recent achievements in Latin America, spurring interests among the industry watchers.

Cutting a presence in the new markets, winning big-brand clients and achieving a 20 percent revenue growth all in a two years’ time span is no mean feat, and according to TOA officials the company did all that, making its competitors and analysts sit up and take notice.

A closer look into the scenario shows the company’s decision to start exploring an uncharted territory coincided with the time when key Latin American economies were showing great enthusiasm for software-as-a-service-based solutions in general. Unlike the markets in many developed countries, where businesses were faced with the challenge of upgrading their legacy software, the Latin American countries were gearing up for a fresh start in the field service management field with cost-effective, cloud-based solutions.

The companies with strong regional presence such as TIM Brasil, Cablemas, Algar Telecom and Telefonica (News - Alert) found in TOA’s enterprise cloud solutions just the right capabilities that would help improve their operational efficiency and build better relationships with customers.

Hitting the market at the most opportune moment has always been a winning strategy for a number of enterprises. And it seems TOA has played this card to perfection by entering the Latin American market at a time when telecom vendors’ enthusiasm for new mobile and cloud technology reached its peak. With its cloud-based solution, TOA thus fed the market’s hunger for a technologically advanced but cost-effective field service management solution.

Also we must not ignore the company’s ability to deliver customized business solution for the new markets across the region. It is precisely this ability that helped TOA win important customers in the region.

 “As a company, we're passionate about helping businesses in Latin America fulfill these goals by putting the right technology into the hands of an unassuming group of employees – the field service workforce. And we're proud that our message is resonating. At the end of 2011, we had two people on the ground and no customers. Today, we have a team of more than 50 TOA employees throughout the region that continues to expand, and a customer base that has more than doubled in just the last year, making us the clear leader in field service management solutions in this region,” co-founder and CEO of TOA Technologies Yuval Brisker said in a statement.

According to industry analysts, the global field service management industry will continue to grow in upcoming years and it’s only reasonable to assume that TOA will continue to benefit from this growth momentum -- in Latin American market and elsewhere.

However, analysts warned that high implementation costs could impede the growth of field service management markets in some of the economies. This is what the vendors including TOA are expected to keep in mind as they set their long-term business goals.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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